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To the Cloud!

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We’ve just finished moving all of InfoSpace’s search traffic to the cloud. It’s been a monumental effort and we’ve learned a lot along the way. As of today, 100% of our search traffic is served up via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Our journey began a little less than a year ago. We spent the first few months prototyping our architecture in AWS. During these months, we used this time to prove that our services could run in the cloud, evaluated cloud providers, and did some initial performance testing.

The real work started in earnest just after the start of 2013. In the past five months, we’ve organically developed a skilled team of engineers who are now well versed in all-things AWS: from VPCs, ELBs and ASGs to load-balanced DNS, Asgard and cloud security, we’ve built up a lot of skills and experience in a very short time.

Simultaneously with our move to AWS, we have had a project to consolidate our two datacenters down to one smaller presence. There’s a ton of logistical difficulties, contractural commitments and resource challenges we worked out – managing the timing and numerous dependencies was critical to the success of this project.

We’re going to cover several topics over the next few months about our plan to move out of the datacenters to the cloud, specific technologies and architecture choices we made, as well as how things are running as we gain more operational experience with it. Come back and visit our blog often as we chronicle our journey.

Upcoming topics

  • Application architecture for multi-region deployments
  • Global load-balancing using Route 53
  • Fire and Forget: A performance testing approach
  • Our Cloud-Ops approach
  • Our resilient, redundant AWS architecture
  • Lessons learned, landmines to avoid

Meanwhile, our Director of IT/Operations, Wayson, will start a series discussing our datacenter consolidation project.

We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences with you. And, if you’re looking for a great place to work with cloud technologies, InfoSpace is hiring!